Sellers Guide

Renting a stall at The Supermums Craft Fair is like renting your very own mini website with one big difference… you’re not out there all alone in the virtual world, you have hundreds of other stall holders keeping you company!   If you like the sound of that then read this guide to find out more!

Before you buy or sell at The Supermums Craft Fair its worth taking a few minutes to read the appropriate guide.  I have tried to make the site as simple as possible to use, but its always best to read these pointers before you start, just in case.  This guide is for the sellers so if you are thinking of renting a stall then this is the page for you!


Setting up a stall at The Supermums Craft Fair is oh so simple to do!  Once you have registered you need to purchase a stall for either a basic listing or a featured sellers listing.  A basic listing will provide you with your stall (please see below for more info).  A featured sellers listing will provide you with your stall and a link to your stall on the home page (showed at random with others and will change each time the page is refreshed)


The fee structures for renting a stall at The Supermums Craft Fair are as follows (please note there is no commission taken, what you see is ALL you will pay to rent a stall on the site.

Basic Listing
One month – £5.00
Three months – £10.00
Six months – £18.00
Twelve months – £30.00
Featured Sellers Listing
One month – £6.00
Three months – £12.00
Six months – £20.00
Twelve months – £35.00
Managing Your Stall

Once you have purchased your stall, you will be able to manage everything from within My Account.  Your stall will have its own logo and name of your choosing along with a description telling buyers what it is you do and the delights they can expect to find within your stall.  Why not tell them a little bit about yourself too, let buyers get to know you and let them have the personal touch!  You are a business but you are also a person and that is just as important, so telling them a bit about yourself is like giving them a written hello smile when they visit your stall :)

You can upload 100 different items in your stall but can have as many of each item as you like for sale (there is a stock facility for this, the level of which will automatically change once a sale has been made).  If possible, give the potential buyers as much detail in the product description as you can, whether it is made to order and time-scales involved, whether it can be personalised.  The more information you can give the buyer the better!


Each of your products will go into a sub category within the main categories listed.  These have all been designed for you to find the perfect place to list your work.  Please note you can only list your item in one category (more than one category would undoubtedly mean the site was flooded with duplicate items making it harder for everyone to be seen and be found)


There are various postage options available.  Everyone has a different way of working out postage costs so these features have been made to try and make things easy and adaptable for everyone to use.  Not only for you as a seller to ensure your postage is charged correctly, but also to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to see how much the postage will be before they complete the sale.  Please do read these options carefully… and if needs be, read them a second time, just in case!

Standard Order Delivery Charge – The set up for this feature is located within your stall.  In essence, the Standard Order Delivery Charge is a set postage cost that will be applied to all of your orders.  For example, if the majority of your orders cost £2.50 to be sent out, then use this as your Standard Order Delivery Charge and it will be automatically added as postage to all of your orders, regardless of weight or volume. If you do not charge for postage as it is included within your product price cost, then please enter 0.00. If you do not wish to use this feature and will be charging each item individually then please enter 0.00 and just use the following option…

Additional Postage Cost  –  Obviously, using the Standard Order Delivery Charge on its own might not always work for you.  Some of your items might weigh more, be larger, and in turn, cost more to post out.  The Additional Postage Cost has been set up for exactly this reason and can be added to your items individually to increase the total postage.  For example, say you have set up a Standard Order Delivery Charge of £2.50 but posting a particular item will actually cost you £4.50.   In this case you would make your Additional Postage Cost £2.00.  This will then be added to the standard cost making the postage payable £4.50.

Please be aware that if multiples of each item are ordered, the Additional Postage Cost will be added for each item.  For example, if your additional cost has been set at £2.00 for an item and the buyer orders 3, they will be charged £6.00.  This also applies if you are using this feature along with the Standard Order Delivery Charge.  Please take this into account when working out your postage costs.   The Standard Order Delivery Charge is only used once per ORDER, the Additional Postage Cost is charged per ITEM.

Every time a buyer puts something of yours into their basket, the postage cost will automatically be updated so they will be able to keep track of exactly how much the postage will be before completing the sale. Its also worth noting that if you send items recorded delivery or via courier and a signature is required then please add this information to either to your main stall description or item description or to both to ensure the buyer is aware.

The Supermums Directory!

Not only can you rent a stall at The Supermums Craft Fair, you can also be listed in the Business Directory!  You have the option of listing for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. To list in the directory is just as simple as purchasing a stall.  You need to be Registered on the site and then simply Add A Directory Link.  And you don’t have to have a stall on the site to be included in the directory either!  To keep it nice and simple and easy to navigate, the categories for the Directory are the same as the craft fair categories so people know where to list and where to search!  There is also a special new category “Any Other Business” so if your business doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, this is the one for you! Its a fabulous way of  being found and you can have a link to your facebook page and your website on the listing!

Day to Day Running

Once your stall is completed, it is yours to do with what you like.  You can delete products, edit products and upload new products if you have less than 100 at any one time.  So if you change your mind about a product during the rental period, its okay, you can delete it and upload a new product. When you sell a product, it will automatically be listed as sold and then you can then remove it and add another.  You are in control at all times!


You have the ability to offer your own customers discounts on their orders!  Setting up a discount code is very straight forward and can be found within Manage Your Stall.   You can give the code a name of your choosing, a percentage and an end date.

Customer Contact

Of course, there will always be times when the customer wishes to ask a question before completing a sale.  For this reason, there is a contact facility within your stall.  The query will come to via email from the site to the address you registered with and you will be able to reply directly to the customer via the email address they have provided in the message form.

Order Management

In Manage Your Stall you can keep track of orders placed by looking in “Manage My Orders”.  All the order details can be found here and you can mark each order as cancelled/posted/completed.  Your buyers will then be able to see the progress of their orders.

Stall Renewal

Near the end of the rental period for your stall, you will get two automated emails reminding you that you need to renew.  The first will be sent a week before your term runs out and the second the day before for that extra nudge!  If you don’t want to renew straight away, that’s more than fine, you can come back at any time you like.  You can also choose a different term, the choice about what to do next is entirely yours.  You will always be in control of your stall!  Please note, should you not wish to renew straight away but intend to come back at a later date, your stall will still be available, but all products will be automatically deleted 24 hours after your stall expires.  Don’t forget that when your stall is open, you can renew it any time you like from within your account.  The additional period will be added onto your existing!


Each stall at The Supermums Craft Fair can be rated by the buyers!  The format of this is shown in hearts as to me this represents perfectly the love felt for each seller and their products.  Only people who have bought directly from this site can rate you with ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ so this will always be based on sales within The Supermums Craft Fair.


You can add as many stalls as you like to your favourites!  This is a brilliant feature as all your favourites can be accessed via your account.  So when you see a stall and want to visit them again then add them to your favourites so that the next time you log in you can find them straight away!


Of course there will be a newsletter!  But its not an automatic sign up when you register on the site as I always feel that people should have a choice.  So if you want to receive the newsletter to be kept fully up-to-date with competitions, new features and general chat about the site, then just complete the registration link which can be found at the bottom of each page :)


Networking is the key to the success of your stall!   Never ever just sit back and wait for sales, you need to be out there and be proactive!  Tell your friends and family about the super duper site, tell them to tell their friends and family!  For daily networking there is the main page on Facebook but there is also a fabby group called The Supermums Chatty Room – this is a group for all sellers and buyers to use – not only can you advertise your stalls as much as you like but its also a fabulous place to meet other stall holders and make some new friends.

On Instagram follow us at supermumscf and use #supermumscf so that we can show you off!

And for those of you on Twitter, use #supermum in your tweets and we will retweet!

Handy Selling Tips!

Always make your photographs looks as professional as possible.  Why?  Because your photo is the thing that will sell your product, that’s why. Think of it like this, if your stall looks inviting at a real event, people will want to take a closer look and will visit you to do just that.  So if you catch their attention with a good picture, they will want to see more!  You don’t need to be a top photographer to do this as there are lots of software packages you can get, and usually they are free.   Picasa and picmonkey are two very good examples.  Never ever use a photo that is out of focus, too cluttered or has a messy background.  If you can grab people with your photo then you are already half way there!

I would highly recommend that you only list exclusive/one off products at The Supermums Craft Fair, i,e a product that you are not selling elsewhere. It is all to easy to have the same thing listed in more than one place, sell it and not remove it from other sites!  If a buyer purchases from you on this site or any other site, they will expect the sale to be completed and it is up to you to fulfil that order.

Pricing is always a tricky subject and how you arrive at your selling price is entirely your decision.  However, please do not undersell your work!  So many times I see people not charging enough for their beautiful makes and this is usually because they don’t have the confidence to sell it for the right price which leads me nicely onto my last handy tip which is…

Believe in yourself!  If you have had the initiative to start your own business then the world is yours for the taking, and if you believe in yourself, the rest will follow naturally :)

Important Information For All Sellers

What are Distance Selling Regulations and do they apply to me?  Distance selling is selling and buying goods or services without face to face contact. For example shopping by internet, mail order, phone or television.  The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations give you legal rights when you buy goods from a trader who normally sells goods or services at a distance. The regulations apply to the sale of goods or services to consumers but not to businesses.  It doesn’t matter how you pay for the goods and the regulations apply to both new and second-hand goods.  Click here for further information.

What certification do I need to sell my products? Product legalisation is a must and as the seller, you must make sure you comply with regulations such as CE marking and Cosmetic regulations.  If you are unsure then contact your local Trading Standards office to find out more.  They are there to help you and will be able to guide you.

Copyright!  Be sure to check that you are not infringing on the copyright of your goods!  There are certain things that you need a license to reproduce.  Do your research before you sell!

Do I need to be registered with HMRC? Yes!  If you are selling then you need to make it official, even if you are making a loss you still need to register.   Click here to be taken to the HMRC website.