How, why, what, where…

If are reading this then you obviously want to know a little bit more about how and why this site was created so here it is…!

My name is Sarah, originally from the south, I now live in a town “oop north”.  I am a mother to an ever growing teenage manchild and am also a bit of a self confessed workaholic.  In September 2011 I set up The Supermums Craft Fair page on Facebook.  As a crafter myself, I wanted somewhere that fellow crafters could come together to try and sell their makes and have a little fun whilst doing it.  Selling online can be a lonely and frustrating experience so my aim was to create a page which was happy, friendly and most importantly a place where people felt welcome and could relax and get to know other like minded sellers.  The page took off quickly and I soon started running regular selling events which proved to be so popular that I knew that the time had come to take it to the next level and as such, this website was born!

The facebook page remains and is growing daily, it has likers from all over the world, full of sellers and buyers alike and has become a large community but one that people know they can come to and feel right at home.  I have always believed that business should be fun and that is what my page and this website is all about.  No sharp suits or the cold hard sell for me.  My ethos is to have some fun and do a little shopping whilst you’re at it!

Click here to be taken to the facebook page to see what its all about….

Although the term “craft fair” usually conjures up visions of community halls or muddy fields (why does it always rain when there is an outside event!) with people selling their handmade creations, I decided long ago that I would support all businesses, whether handmade or not.  In this day and age, anyone who has the spirit and determination to run their own small business should be given a chance.  As such, everyone can use my facebook page or rent a stall on this website.  And they don’t have to be a Mum either: Dads, Uncles, Brothers, Aunties, Sisters are all welcome!  The Supermums Craft Fair is and always will be, a place for everyone to use.  Us small business owners should stick together and work together.

There have been a few changes made recently to how Supermums works.  I am currently running the website but remain behind the scenes, all Social Media is now run by the very lovely Dawn from Little Miss Mitton and what a fabulous job she is doing!

So that’s about it, you now know who I am and what this website is all about.  But before I go, I am always being asked about my fabulous logo, this is used with the very kind permission of Katie’s Cards who own the rights but allow me to use the picture.  And in case you were wondering, yes I do look exactly like that in real life :)

Sarah (aka Supermum) xxx