Buyers Guide

Before you buy or sell at The Supermums Craft Fair its worth taking a few minutes to read the appropriate guide.  I have tried to make the site as simple as possible for everyone to use, but its always best to read these pointers before you start, just in case!   This guide is for those of you who are wanting to make a purchase (or two) from one (or more!) of the wonderful stall holders!

Firstly, if you wish to buy something at The Supermums Craft Fair, then you will need to register on the site.  This is very quick and easy to do.  Please don’t fret that you will be inundated with unwanted emails or the like, the information you provide will not be used without your consent and will be kept private at all times.  Of course, if you would like to sign up for the newsletter to get regular updates about the site then you can do this by using the feature at the bottom of each page 😉

How to shop!

On the left hand side of the home page you will see a list of categories, this is where you will find all the lovely things that are available to buy at The Supermums Craft Fair.  When you see something you like the look of and want to know more, just click onto the picture  and you will be taken to the product page which will show you the price, postage, description etc.  On the right hand side of this page you will be able to click on a link which takes you to the sellers stall so you see everything else that they have to offer you!  From there you will able to add them to your favourites and also message the seller by clicking the contact link.  This feature has been set up so that you can easily contact them if you have any questions or wish to have a product customised (if the seller has stated this is possible) before you complete the sale.

Postage costs are shown with each item.  Firstly, there is a Standard Order Delivery Charge –  this is the main postage charge the seller will make per order (if applicable).  There is also an Additional postage charge, which might apply for some heavier or large items, this will also be added to your total postage cost (if applicable).  Some sellers might not charge a Standard Order Delivery Charge but might have an Additional postage charge but this will be clear on each individual time.  Each time you put something from a seller into your basket your postage cost will automatically be updated so you can see at all times how much the delivery will be before you commit to the sale.  If the item is to be sent via courier or recorded delivery and requires a signature then this will be shown either in the item description or in the sellers stall description.

Think of The Supermums Craft Fair as a real craft fair.  All of the sales on this site are between you and the seller, as such, you will be paying them direct.  This means that when you have things in your basket you are purchasing from one stall, you will need to check out before buying something from another stall.   After all, if you were at an actual event, you wouldn’t pick something from one stall and pay at another.  The same principle applies on this site.  You can of course, fill your basket with lots of lovely things from one stall before checking out and heading to the next 😉

Please do remember that this is a UK based site, as such all the postage costs shown are for the UK only.  If you are from outside the UK and wish to purchase something, then you will need to make contact with the seller to discuss this beforehand.  This is easily done. just use the contact tab within the stall itself!


You can add as many stalls as you like to your favourites!  This is a brilliant feature as all your favourites can be accessed via your account.  So when you see a stall and want to visit them again then add them to your favourites so that the next time you log in you can find them straight away!

Seller Ratings

Each stall has a rating facility by way of hearts as at The Supermums Craft Fair we like to show our love for sellers.  This can only be completed by buyers on this site, so if you make a purchase and are happy then please do come back and give the stall some ♥ for everyone to see.

The Directory

You will also see that The Supermums Craft Fair has a directory!   So whether you are a buyer or a seller and need to find that perfect business for your needs, then look no further, they are bound to be listed here!

And Finally…

I do hope you will enjoy browsing and shopping at The Supermums Craft Fair.  If you do happen to have any problems at all using this site or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my utmost to help you!

Supermum xxx