Rent a Stall

SPECIAL OFFER!  Double time on all stalls!  No need to do anything, the double time will be automatically given when you rent your stall!

To rent a stall, you first need to register and log into the site.  This is quick and oh so easy to do so if you haven’t already done this then just click here – I promise it won’t take long!

Once you have registered, then you need to decide which stall option you want to take.  You have the choice of a Basic Listing or a Featured Sellers listing.  (For more detailed  information about these options along with tips for setting up your stall then please do take a read of the Sellers Guide)  The fees for both options are all fixed.  There is no pesky commission to be paid so you know exactly where you are at all times with no hidden surprises when the sales start to roll in!   What you see is ALL you will pay for selling and listing at The Supermums Craft Fair.  Your options along with fee structures are as follow :-

Basic Listing
One month – £5.00
Three months – £10.00
Six months – £18.00
Twelve months – £30.00
Featured Sellers Listing
One month – £6.00
Three months – £12.00
Six months – £20.00
Twelve months – £35.00


So are you ready?  Then just complete the following and lets get started!

You must be logged in to purchase a stall.

Once you select submit you will be taken to paypal to complete the purchase of your stall.