Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a mum to sell on The Supermums Craft Fair?

No!  Everyone is welcome to use my site!  As long as you are over the age of 18 you can rent a stall.

Do I have to make what I sell?

No!  The Supermums Craft Fair is for everyone to use.  However, if you don’t make your own products then please make sure you have permission to sell them on this website.

Do I have to a UK resident to buy and sell at The Supermums Craft Fair

You do not need to live in the UK to sell, however, you must make this clear in each listing so that buyers are aware of extra postage costs, time delays etc.  Everything on the site is in Pound Sterling.  If you are a buyer who doesn’t live in the UK you would need to contact the seller first before placing an order.

Can I buy from more than one stall at a time?

No, you need to checkout from one stall before buying from another.  Think of it like a real craft fair where the checkout is concerned!

How do I get a stall on The Supermums Craft Fair?

Just click on the purchase a stall tab, everything you need to know and do is there.  You do need to register on the site first, so if you haven’t already, then just click here

Do I need a paypal account to buy and sell on The Supermums Craft Fair?

Yes you do.  Its the best and safest method for financial transactions when selling online.  Click here to be take to paypal to set up an account if you don’t already have one.

How many items can I list?

Each stall has a maximum of 100 products listed, but you can have and sell as many of each product as you like.  You can also delete and upload new items whenever you like as long as you don’t exceed the maximum of 100.

What if my items are customised?

Not a problem, just use an example photo and make it clear in your description they are made to order.  The buyer has the ability to message you before they complete the sale.

How much is it to purchase a stall at The Supermums Craft Fair?

Introductory fees for stalls are as follows.  There is NO commission or any other hidden fees, what you see is what you will pay!

Basic Listing
One month – £5.00
Three months – £10.00
Six months – £18.00
Twelve months – £30.00
Featured Sellers Listing
One month – £6.00
Three months – £12.00
Six months – £20.00
Twelve months – £35.00
What happens when I come to the end of my term?

You will receive an automated email before your term ends and you then have the option to renew on any term you like.  You can also renew from within your stall before the end of your term.

What if I don’t want to renew straight away but plan on coming back another time?

Not a problem, your account remains at the back end of the site and you can just log in and start again whenever you like. Please note only your stall will be there, products are automatically deleted.

How do I get a listing on the Directory?

Easy! Just make sure you are registered on the site and then click here – its just £6 for a whole year and a great way to be found!

What are Distance Selling Regulations and do they apply to me?

Distance selling is selling and buying goods or services without face to face contact. For example shopping by internet, mail order, phone or television.  The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations give you legal rights when you buy goods from a trader who normally sells goods or services at a distance. The regulations apply to the sale of goods or services to consumers but not to businesses.  It doesn’t matter how you pay for the goods and the regulations apply to both new and second-hand goods.  Click here for further information.

What certification do I need to sell my products?

Product legalisation is a must and as the seller, you must make sure you comply with regulations such as CE marking and Cosmetic regulations.  If you are unsure then contact your local Trading Standards office to find out more.  They are there to help you and will be able to guide you.

Do I need to be registered with HMRC?

Yes!  If you are selling then you need to make it official, even if you are making a loss you still need to register.   Click here to be taken to the HMRC website.