Personalized A3 jigsaw puzzle 300 piece

Your Favourite Memory in Picture made into a Jigsaw

Full colour or Black and White Print
A3 Large = 300 pieces
(29.5cm x 40.5cm approximately)
Gloss finished cardboard puzzle

Text Can Be Added If Required

Gift Box

Photo Print of Image Included ty make the assembly of the jigsaw easier

Once ordered please email us at with the image you would like printed on the jigsaw

Please send the highest quality image possible as we cannot turn a low-quality image into a high quality one.

Images acquired via social media are usually compressed making them low quality and difficult to re-size thus giving a poor-quality finish

We try where possible not to stretch or alter the image sent, but this is not always possible i.e. square images may not fit on a rectangular jigsaw

This product has been retired.

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