Snuggle Sacks for Dogs,Cats,Rabbits,Rats,Guinea Pigs,Hamsters and Mice.

All of the snuggle sacks are handmade and come in a huge range of sizes for pets as small as a mouse up to xxl for bigger dogs. We have the regular ones that are for everyday use to snuggle your pet in. We also have ones that are reversible with a microfibre towelling inside and a soft fleece on the outside. Ideal for snow and rainy days when they come home wet. Pop them in their snuggle bag to gently rub them dry and warm them up. Or after bathtime to get them dry. We also have fur lined ones for extra warmth. What ever your needs we can make a snuggle for it.
There are lots to choose from on our facebook store as we can only show one here as an example. they start from 6.99 up to 17.99 A small dog size one is 11.99 Please ask for details

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